Property Taxes are due October 1, and are delinquent January 1

In the State of Alabama, a Tax Lien attaches to all property on October 1, and is paid a year in arrears. Thus, if you are the owner of the property on October 1 of any year, the property will be billed in your name, and you will receive the tax notice, the following October 1.

We provide the following payment options for our taxpayers:

  • Online payments on this site
  • Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards in the office
  • Toll-free number (1-866-217-5953)

Property tax is based on the appraised value of your property. (For more information on this, please visit our FAQ Appraisal Link)

The appraised value is multiplied by a property classification to arrive at an assessed value, which taxes are computed on. The classification is as follows:

  • Class 1 - Property owned by Public Utilities-30%
  • Class 2 - All other Property-20%
  • Class 3 - Agricultural Property & Owner Occupied Residential Property-10%

The assessed value is then multiplied by the Tax Millage to arrive at the amount of taxes due, less any exemptions. Henry County Tax Millage is as follows:

  • State-6.5 mills
  • County General-7.0 mills
  • County Road and Bridge-4.0 mills
  • Hospital-5.5 mills
  • Fire-2.0 mills
  • County Wide School-9.0 mills
  • District Schools-3.0 mills
  • City of Abbeville-7.0 mills
  • City of Headland-7.0 mills
  • Town of Newville-7.0 mills
  • City of Dothan-5.0 mills

For example $100,000(fair market value)X(residential rate:10%)=$10,000X.037(county millage rate) = $370.00 tax amount.

Please visit our entire FAQ page on this web-site, for helpful information in answering any other questions, you may have.